2011 New Year’s Conference

New Year’s Special Conference

Drunken in the Heavenly Wine!

Dec. 30, 2010 – Jan. 1st 2011

Theme : The joy and power of the Lord and how to maintain it

Speaker : Rev. John Scotland (Blissful Spiritual Intoxication)

Schedule :

10:30 14:00 18:30
Dec. 30
Conf. (1) Conf. (2)
Dec. 31
Conf. (3) Conf. (4) Conf. (5)
Jan. 1st
Conf. (6) Conf. (7)

* Admission Free

<John Scotland>
Rev. John Scotland was born in England, saved at 18 of age and pastored at Liverpool’s small church for 12 years. During this time he worked specially for the poor and unemployed youth to which he received personal recognition by Queen of england and Prince Charles. He attended a conference in Tronto, Canada in 1994, experienced joyful anointing of drunkenness of the Holy Sprit, experiencing drunkenness of the Sprit for over ten years and now traveling and preaching in America and other nations of the world, bringing joy, encouragement and spiritual refreshment to many.
<Information and Venue>

Koiwa Gloria Church
TEL : 03-3657-5505
FAX : 03-3659-3434
e-mail : info@koiwa.com

2-17-13 Kita-Koiwa Edogawa-ku Tokyo, 133-0051